Programme for the 1969 tour

Monkees Live Century II Convention Center, Wichita, KS 5th October 1969

Date recorded 5th October 1969
Date released ????
Location Century II Convention Center, Wichita, KS (?)
Audience ?????
Personnel Micky Dolenz (vocals)
Davy Jones (vocals)
Michael Nesmith (vocals, guitars)
Sam Rhodes (vocals)
Steve Johnson (keyboards)
Willy Webb (guitar)
Tony Burrell (bass)
Ernest Lane (keyboards)
Clifford Solomon (sax)
Mack Johnson (trumpet)
Thomas Norwood (drums)

01 – KLEO Radio Spot 1:23
02 – I’m A Believer 1:27
03 – Pleasant Valley Sunday 3:05
04 – Tapioca Tundra 3:30
05 – I Wanna Be Free £:15
06 – Show Me 4:54
07 – A Man Without A Dream 4:00
08 – Daydream Believer 4:59
09 – Goin’ Down 6:27
10 – Someday Man 2:30
11 – Listen To The Band 3:37
12 – Don’t Wait For Me 3:31
13 – Get On Up 3:11
14 – For Once In My Life 9:46
15 – Johnny B. Goode 2:23
16 – I’m A Believer 5:16
Total Running Time 1:04:33
Audio Quality 1/10

A ticket for the 1969 tour

When Peter left the band, The Monkees seemed a bit lost and unsure of the direction they should be following. Their confusion manifested itself in the hiring of Sam And The Goodtimers as their backing band, a black R&B group that was a million miles away from the bubblegum pop or country rock the group had been trading in. Fans must have been incredibly confused when they went to  one of the dates on this 1969 tour. Not that many did. The tour was, for the most part, sparsely attended as the novelty of the group had worn off by now. Which is a shame, because the few recordings that exist of this phase in the groups career, show them trying a pretty brave and not completely unsuccessful new sound.

Sam & The Goodtimers. Look carefully, it’s the Changes cover.

Unfortunately, the tapes that have been circulating for years of the 1969 soul Monkees are pretty awful quality. This album ,which may or may not be from the 5th October, is almost unlistenable. The recording is just hideous – hiss, crackle and the tape changing speed make it a pretty uncomfortable listen. This really is for completists only, and even then, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to sit the whole way through it.

Track 1 on some versions, although not all, is actually listenable quality. It is a promo spot for KLEO radio, and is a desperate bid for the group to sell more tickets. Mike and Davy remind listeners that tickets are still available, and they tell them about their new band, ‘It’s an all black band, and they’re really out of sight’, says Davy. The quality of this promo is misleading because as soon as that finishes, we are into the terrible audio of the concert.

The show kicks off with an abbreviated version of I’m A Believer, before slipping into Pleasant Valley Sunday, which in turn segues into Tapioca Tundra. I wanna Be free is followed by soul classic Show Me, and while it’s almost impossible to hear exactly what’s going on, it would appear that Micky is having a good time. The choice of songs is unique in Monkee history as we get some later songs from the Instant Replay album, including A Man Without A Dream and Don’t Wait For me. The banter between songs is lost to the poor audio, and it’s a real shame as it would be great to hear what the guys had to say.


Overall, this is a tease. It should be an exciting historical document of a lost piece of Monkee history, sadly, the sound is just too bad for it to be anything other than a frustrating glimpse.
KLEO Radio Spot for 1969 Wichita Concert